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In 2002 Quality Lake Management, Inc.

was started as an aquatic lake & treatment company. Since that time it has expanded to a number of services. Aquatic Treatment, Mechanical Removal, Trash Cleaning, Fish Stocking, Fountain Service, Concrete Weirs Outfall Ditches, Storm water and Sedimentation control.

Quality Lake Management, Inc. is based on safety and our relationships with our clients. We value our services, and our goal is to guarantee the safety and quality of our work that we provide for our customers.

The professionals of Quality Lake Management, Inc. are proud to be a part of the water quality management of the natural resources/EPA. QLM is licensed by the State of Florida to perform Aquatic plant management. To professionally perform this great service is our main goal.


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Anthony Middleton



Quality Lake Management, Inc. is located at P.O. Box 41015 in beautiful Jacksonville, FL. 32203 and can be reached at 904.604.1525 give us a call to get great service for a great price.


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